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C-FLAT by Vaptio! - Great Beginner Vape! - IndoorSmokers

By vapeTags vape, vaporizer, e-cigarette, vaping, indoorsmokersDate Added 06/12/2017Views 106Flag as inappropriate

Get vaping with C-FLAT by Vaptio! E-cig youtuber Indoorsmokers teaches you how to use this beginner vape! C-FLAT comes with a replaceable cartridge whose capacity reaches 1.5ml. With a built-in 350mAh battery and a max output 15W mod, C-FLAT Pod brings you massive vapor experience. Compact and ergonomical design makes it quite convenient to carry. And a pass-through function allows you enjoy vaping anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the C-FLAT Pod comes with a built-in button to avoid mis-operating in pocket. All in all, this pod kit will definitely make itself to be your favorite vaping device during travel.

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